The Deconstruction of a Universe – Lyrics

odlyrics‘Perpetual Inertia’

Weak and alone
Travel the saints and the sinners
Freed from the grasp on imminent death
Searching for mythical monolith martyrs
Said to exist in tales of time.

This place will be the only hope we have
Turn fate, swallow pride

Take them back to where they came
You will never take me down
Bide your time
You will never take me down

Before rapture comes
And the end of the world and the planets
Stars burn into a flame that will burn ’til we die

War, Death, for us sinners

Is this, is this the way out

Travel far away in the sea of stars
we must leave them in our wake of flesh and blood
fight with me now, for our freedom
Rise and hear what they say!

Is this what you wanted?
This is what you wanted.

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The History of it All

Omega District (4)

You just plug in and hit record… right?

Well, I decided that even though Omega District has always been a very private venture of mine, there might be someone out there is this big world that is actually curious about the history.  Let me start off by saying that this recording project has been a long, sometimes frustrating passion, but very rewarding as well.  Back when I first started the project I was recovering from surgery. I was at  home for a week on pain killers, I just started to write riffs like I crazy.  An old friend of mine sold me his Ibanez RG 7621, and I was ready to put it to use.  Continue reading “The History of it All”


Hey everyone,

So after releasing The Deconstruction of a Universe EP I took a couple months off from writing and recording, but I have been back at it since December and it is going surprisingly smoothly this time around.

I purchased a new audio interface which took a bit of tweaking to get the levels in the sweet spot and not clipping.  I also upgraded my computer to Windows 10 which made my old presets for Guitar Rig (need an Axe-FX!), Superior Drummer, and all my synth presets incompatible with my new set up (had to reinstall windows on a new S.S.D. so the directory and rooting was way too messed up for me to fix).  Even though this was a major pain, I stuck with it and started working on new tones and within 2 or 3 weeks I had a pretty good tone for my brand new 8 string and a much more superior reference drum kit than what I was recording with for the last EP(they seriously sounded like absolute junk). Continue reading “Updates..”