The Deconstruction of a Universe – Lyrics

odlyrics‘Perpetual Inertia’

Weak and alone
Travel the saints and the sinners
Freed from the grasp on imminent death
Searching for mythical monolith martyrs
Said to exist in tales of time.

This place will be the only hope we have
Turn fate, swallow pride

Take them back to where they came
You will never take me down
Bide your time
You will never take me down

Before rapture comes
And the end of the world and the planets
Stars burn into a flame that will burn ’til we die

War, Death, for us sinners

Is this, is this the way out

Travel far away in the sea of stars
we must leave them in our wake of flesh and blood
fight with me now, for our freedom
Rise and hear what they say!

Is this what you wanted?
This is what you wanted.

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Great non-musical News!


Recently I was finally able to follow through with something I had been planning for almost a year.  Usually me and Natasha have a vacation each year around September, and it has always been to go to Hawaii to stay with our friends on Kauai Island.   This year was different though because I had decided to ask her to marry me, and I wanted to surprise her and go someplace she had always told me she wanted to see.
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